Payroll Sr Associate at PepsiCo


  • Full responsibility for uploading all Pay elements on
    monthly basis through the vendors system and validating it and
    collecting the needed elements from HR
  • Transferring PCE & CFI Salaries through bank on monthly basis
  • ReportingDelivering all Payroll reports (ScorecardTracker ReportAlert TrackerSamples Tracker) to our Stakeholders
  • Full responsibility and calculation of CFI commission and validating it with the vendor
  • Full
    responsibility of bank matters and dealing with all bank challenges and
    issuing payroll cards for all EEs in need and tracking it and updating
    payroll cards information through NBE system and distributing the cards
    to the EEs and issuing replacement cards for any EE who lost his card or
    broke it and track it until the EE receive his card.




Transferring FTEs Payroll in a timely manner

  • Review & Upload Payroll expenses
  • Communicating with Payroll Vendor
  • Handling the communications with NBE
  • Prepare all needed validations/reconciliations and responsible for the monthly cause of change versus prior month
  • Prepare and build all Payroll entries


ERC Program:

  • Unifying and standardize payroll Accounts with other entities
  • Uploading variable expenses on the ERC Platform


Risk Assessment for HR function

  • T Analysis:


Connect with HR & SC to highlight opportunities in overtime spend basd on the amonthly analysis done by the team

  • Employee Advances:


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